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La République triomphante préside à la grande fête nationale du 14 juillet 1880.

First celebration of Bastille Day, 14 july 1880.


Grantaire who lets his hair grow out ridiculously long cause he’s too lazy to go get it cut and while he’s drawing it constantly falls in his eyes and he just keeps making these little puffs to blow it out of the way because he’s too absorbed in his drawing to push it away.

Anonymous inquired:
What did Natalie Dormer do???


Something really amazing. Okay i’m gonna try to be calm about that.

So at the beginning of April I sent Natalie a letter asking for an autograph and just thanked for everything she did to me, you know she helped me through a lot of stuff like not on purpose but at this time she was basically the light of my life so to speak, and I told her that she did a great job by portraying all these different characters and so on, like a normal letter from a fan in my opinion. But probably not in hers.
And today I got this envelope. I didn’t really expect that she would answer but she did. Not only got I two autographs no I also got a letter, a freaking 5 pages long letter in her beautiful handwriting. 
She told me that she never did that before, answering a fan and she was just so sweet???? And she called me sweetheart. I’m Natalie Dormer’s sweetheart ahhhh what is happening.
So that’s something she wrote:


So yeah, that’s the reason why Natalie Dormer is a perfect human being and if you don’t agree you’re wrong. Sorry not sorry.


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Enjolras, how rude of you, you should be polite in heaven.

parnasse what are you doing there in the corner you’re not even dead




im gonna marry thor

but theyre making thor a woman now

im gonna marry thor


where did the hair go???

(it’s a Very Selfie Night sorry)


you think you’re a better kisser than me??? you think you’re a better cuddler? come over here and prove it punk


A muggleborn and pureblood couple having their first child and the pureblood not knowing about ultrasounds so they don’t understand why their partner is dragging them to a muggle doctor until they get there and suddenly they see a physical picture of their newborn child and hear it’s little heartbeat and it’s better than any magic they’ve ever seen.


if you’re ever proud of me and say ‘that’s my girl’ I can guarantee my heart will melt into a little puddle of happiness 


Fic where all of the Avengers are trying to teach tech stuff to Steve (especially Tony who just gets so annoyed at his apparent tech incompetence) but he just seems super hopeless at it until one day one of them stumbles across a youtube account that’s filled with a series of videos titled ‘How Long Can I Keep My Friends Convinced I Have No Idea What Technology Is’ and it turns out he’s been gaming them for YT hits for months.


there’s something really interesting in this passage that I wanted to point out
Trelawney assumes that Harry was born in midwinter because of his “dark hair” and “mean stature” and “tragic losses so young in life”
Tom Riddle was born in midwinter, is describe in CoS as resembling Harry, and his mother died right after his birth
Harry has a piece of Voldemort’s soul in him
that’s why Trelawney made that assumption